Handmade Wooden Candle Sticks

I made some candlesticks recently.

I've been thinking about items I'd like to make to sell and these were my first candlestick prototypes, which was pretty instructive.

I started with an aged, scrap piece of douglas fir which I picked up for a song at a recycled building materials yard here in the city.

I used 3/4 inch copper sleeving (cut in half) to hold the candle and to act as a burn barrier for when the candle burns down very low (which seems to happen to me all the time). I played around with how high the copper should protrude. I then switched to 3/4 inch end caps, which looked more finished as they have a bottom.
Remember, the easiest, no-measure way to find the center of something for drilling is to draw an X from corner to corner.

This part of my process was very fast. I cross-cut a bunch of pieces, marked them and then drilled them on the drill press. After that I sanded the top end grain.

It was the painting process that took forever :/ which I will be rethinking for my next round.

I tried a variety of technique for painting. Some of these guys I painted freehand with no primer -I scribed a line with a razor as the guide line. Some I painted with tape and no primer and some I taped and sprayed. The whole point of using the recycled wood is to get a product that has patina so there was no other sanding involved except for the tops.

Theses are looking pretty Scandinavian, folk arty -especially against the christmas greenery. 
In this setting, they read a little differently. For sure the dark blue and black are less seasonal. I like them just as well without a candle in them.

All in all this was an enjoyable exercise. Next round I'm going to burn the graphics on.

Cheers and I'm always open to feedback, so do tell. 


Shannon8footsix said...

i have my head in the sand until dec 15... assuming I can handle 10 days of Christmas!

Shannon8footsix said...

could you make 3/4 inch disks, with a dowel up the centre, the spin each disk a bit on the central axis. they could be plain or painted, thick and thin, and changeable? I love what you made, but that is the imagine that you planted into my brain when I saw them!

Shannon8footsix said...

(by discs I mean slices of the square, not circles)

Alana said...

I am partial to the triangle designs, the black and yellow, in particular. Crosses are to flag-like for my taste. I would like to see the triangles in gold paint, white and black. That's it. I would also like the wood grain to be featured a bit more, too. I don't like the copper protruding from the top. Flush is cleaner, simpler. Different heights would be cool, too. Good luck with this.

caitlin said...

Thanks for your input Alana. I think the yellow triangle is my favorite. I'm not a huge fan of gold -I feel it is overused by glam stylists these days but I do think white and black would be bueno. I completely agree that a flush top would be nicer but more challenging technically -especially because my antiquated drill press doesn't have a depth stop. I deliberately left it raised so that I didn't face the challenge of having to perfect the flushness (cheater). Yes, more heights too. Thanks again for chiming in ;)

caitlin said...

Good for you! 10 days is just about right. Slicing up the chunk is a cool idea, and maybe left completely unpainted so as to not look like a toddler toy. I will try that.

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