Matchstick Holders

I have matches all over my house. We are a candle, fire and incense kind of family. 

I buy those hardware store matches in the ugly box. I usually transfer them to a short glass, where they look much prettier.
I used an old l'occitane votive that I cleaned out.

I cut out the grit strip from the box and attached part of it to the bottom with double stick mounting tape. Sometimes I don't bother with this (or with getting the matches all going in the same direction because that's pretty anal, non?) These matches will strike pretty much anywhere (including my older son's front teeth -which to my horror, he recently demonstrated).

Stuff we are burning these days: Sage bouquet for clearing energy, cedar bricks, juniper bricks, and Japanese incense (also a cedar).

Peace. Out. :) 

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a fantastic idea! It does look so much nicer!

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