Repurposed Containers

For a long, long, time, I have repurposed common household containers for storage vessels, especially for medicine cabinet storage. I find them so much more interesting to look at than the matchy matchy stuff from target or the container store.

Packaging design has come really far in the last decade or so, so it's easy to find nice containers from recycle candle boxes and jars and such. I am especially drawn to some old school products out there that have had beautiful packaging all along -this bag balm is one of them.
Ok, so what exactly is this shit and why do I have it seeing that I don't have a herd of cows I'm milking...?

This is a cyclist secret weapon. If you ride a lot of miles it helps with chafe. Let's be discrete and leave the description at that. Anyhoo, we had a tub of it that mysteriously lost its top and just sat like that for a good while. It seemed like the time to retire that goop.

Nice, right? Other favorites are Red Bear Copper Cleaner, Acqua di Parma orange tubes and there are some nice coffee tins still out there -especially non-American ones.

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