Moving Stuff Around

I am and always have been a huge fan of changing shit up in my house. As a kid, I was constantly moving my furniture around in my tiny bedroom. When I was too little to tackle my room, the dollhouse that my sisters and I shared was never about pretend play, it was all about changing around the furniture. Many, many people share this trait and it seems that post-Christmas is a common time to clean things up and move stuff around.

Yesterday I did a switcheroo in my living room. This shuffle involved multiple pieces in different parts of the house which I haven't finished yet.

This is the little corner in the living room where the vintage glass bar used to be. 

This is also where I put my Christmas tree this year, which necessitated moving the bar elsewhere. I moved the bar to the dining area, where I noticed it looked much better. I considered moving this leather chair to this spot but it gets a lot of use where it is so that didn't seem right.

This little Danish desk from the upstairs landing seemed like a good candidate. 

I knew I could face it sideways on the small wall. I wanted to break up the  side-by-side thing I had going here and instead create a small vignette. My living room never looks this polished, btw, this is from the reveal of this past ORC. I also need more linen storage upstairs so moving the desk provided other storage opportunities which I will drone on about later.

I have been challenged by this wall since day one. It is just over 16 feet long (with a 10' ceiling) and I have found it difficult to fill. I used to have a long, long table here that I moved upstairs to fill my (long) upstairs landing. I don't own any art that is large enough to center on the wall and I have no other spot for my piano which looks puny on that vast acre of drywall without anything else to accompany it.

The artwork still needs rejiggering. I'm sort of at a loss but have a few things that I might be able to move around in the house to improve this situation. (Stay tuned). I just left the gaffer tape painting as it was but that alignment situation has just started to bug me as I edit this post.

In the meantime, let's just focus on the tight shot. The harp is a little too tall for the small shade but it's a cool little beaded number that I got in the nineties that I had hidden in my basement which I am enamored with again and will be a quick fix. The rug is vintage, from my husband's grandfather. It is actually a sack -it has a burlap back and it would have been slung on the side of an animal, presumably a horse or camel to carry stuff. I moved the chair from upstairs too. It is a vintage Goodform, which was a steal at 10$ from Urban Ore years back. 

Thoughtful thoughts? Could I partially gallery wall by the desk? Hmmmmm.

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