The Ever-Changing Cabinet

This cabinet got a facelift over the past week. 

This chest once belonged to my maternal grandparents and I think dates from the 60's. It is best classified as "American colonial" and my grandparents must have been hugely fond of that look. I'm only vaguely aware of how this happened, but my family inherited a large amount of this stuff from my grandparents in the eighties when they were downsizing. There were several sets, a full bedroom set with twin beds, side tables, dressers and matching mirror, and a full dining room set, which included this chest (which once had an even more heinous hutch that sat on top). Yes, truth told, I am not very fond of this piece and have held on to it only for sentimental reasons.

Originally it was reddish, stained maple. It was white for a time when it served as my older guys changing table. Then I painted it magenta and it lived in the boys' bath prior to that bath's redo.

Recently it took the place of the danish piece (which moved downstairs) in the upstairs hall. 

I had a gallon of Benjamin Moore Bavarian Forest from an earlier painting scheme so I though why not, right? 

First I de-glossed with a liquid deglosser. Then I primed with a tinted water based primer. I went with two coats of paint after that in an eggshell finish. 

I do think that the cabinet is vastly improved with a new color. So what's my problem with this cabinet? I mean, it is well built and pretty innocuous. It is good for storage.  It's made of solid stock hardwood, which is far better than anything made from Ikea or pottery barn these days -most of their case goods are made up of composite materials which don't last and aren't great environmentally speaking.

The overlay drawer bugs me, and so do the clunky arched panels on the doors. I also don't like the overlay hinges -a butt hinge would look so much better.  

Its main, main problem though, is that it is a faux antique. I know that I could find something that was legitimately old and cool that maybe needed some restoration for very little money at Urban Ore (sort of like this beauty for 75 buckeroos).

Oh cabinet, I wish I knew how to quit you.

Anyone got the same problem?


Alana said...

Is it worth changing out the hardware (hinges included?) What about the feet. Some nice tapered legs would help simplify the piece.Do you need closed storage> Can you just remove the doors entirely?

There's just way too much going on for your taste, I think. It needs to be simplified.

caitlin said...

I agree. I have given myself permission to replace this IF the right new piece comes along for the right price. ;)

Leticia Hernandez said...

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Janela do Conto said...

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