A Cook Island Pine

Happy new plant to me. We bought this Cook Island pine from Flora Grubb a few weekends ago.

(What I thought were) Norfolk pines have been on my radar for a while, I guess because I saw some nice potted ones around the holidays and thought I'd like one for the house, not just for christmas, but year round. Apparently what most people assume are Norfolk pines are actually Cook pines. But whatever. I think it's a cool looking plant, and a happy departure from the ubiquitous Fiddle Fig tree, IMHO.

This plant should be pretty happy in this location as long as I can keep up with the watering. It's a bright southern exposure but not in the direct rays. Apparently they don't like dry soil.

The main tree is about 8 feet tall. It has some baby trees growing at the base that I want to eventually prune out. For some reason I'm chicken to lop them all off right now. I did take this little guy off to propagate as a test. If it roots easily, I'll be super psyched.

You might also notice that I've reworked that corner of my living room yet again. I'll post about those changes soon.


Layne Eckhardt said...

Wow, it's big! It looks beautiful! Do you mind me asking what you paid for one so big? Also, I'm quite jealous of that greenery outside your window. It's all snow and dreariness here in Missouri.

caitlin said...

It was marked down 30% from its original cost of 180$. So we paid around 125$, which I think is a great deal -especially because it comes from a locally owned small business.
We are having the opposite problem here in SF. It's relentlessly sunny, in a bad way (there is such a thing, I promise). It is SO dry this winter, there's been virtually no rain or snow in the mountains, it's freaky.

Jessica Burgos said...

The pine is amazing! My neighbors have on in their yard and I so want one! Also, I love that navy/aqua artwork - just happy going on there!

Shannon8footsix said...


I love that print too!

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