Ants, and Lots of Them

There was a time when I had a breezy attitude about ants. Now it's different. I hate these little fuckers because they've taken over my house. They come out from the baseboards, colonize my houseplants, live in the drains in the sinks and tubs. They crawl around on my side tables, appear on my computer screen and have even made their way into my bed. The only place they have not invaded is the kitchen. Go figure.

They are Argentinian ants. My yard is full of them. I think the whole hillside behind me is a giant fucking ant farm.  

I am using Orange Guard and Borax (of the 20 Mule Team variety) to combat them. Borax is 100% Sodium tetraborate -a natural mineral which is also what those liquid Terro traps are made of. I used them by the dozen in my yard. 

I could probably wipe them all out with some Monsanto syle poison but I'm not into using those types of products in my home. Anyone got some other remedies they've used? 

Please. Tell. I'm about to lose my sanity. 


Layne Eckhardt said...

We are struggling with ants as well. And we've used some scary poisons, too, with no success. They come in when I bring my plants in at the end of summer, and somehow they survive the winter! Every time I water my plants, I get to watch them all evacuate to higher ground.

murray said...

Try food grade diatomaceous earth... it's supposed to dry out insects, but is harmless to humans. I got some on amazon.

caitlin said...

I will try that. thanks.

caitlin said...

Ha. me too. I try to drown them out and spray pot with orange oil too.

Allison Cordrey said...

I live in Bernal and one day they just showed up. I tried the Borax and Peanut butter method for about a month and I think they just thought "Chow Time!" I tried just plain Borax too…nothing worked until I got the ant poison in the little bait traps and the next day they were gone and haven't been back since. Sometimes the monsanto stuff is the only way unfortunately.

caitlin said...

Oh man. Say it ain't so! I've made some progress but I'm no where near total eradication.

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