Awesome Street Score

A few weeks ago, my son Ethan came home with this street find. Yes, I have a seventeen year old who actually checks out and scoops up good street finds -I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

It was kind of in sad shape -especially the shade but I really liked it. This thing is 44" tall in total. The shade itself is 28" high. It's textured ceramic, with nice teak detailing at the foot and neck. On dating it, I am a little thrown. To me the scrolling and texturing makes me think the design is pushing up against the seventies but the detailing on the shade reads earlier sixties to me. If anyone knows more specifically, I'd love to hear.

 It was filthy.

I cleaned it up with soap and water, a toothbrush and paper towels. I tested first to make sure this wasn't going to remove any of the glaze.

The shade...OY. It was the best part of the lamp and had to be saved.

The paper tape holding in the frame/harp in place was badly deteriorated so I very carefully removed it. 

I vacuumed the shade on the lowest setting possible, to pull dust from the fabric.

The cracking in the plastic form under the burlap was mostly at the very top of the shade where the frame attached so I first ran a strip of white gaffers tape around the top and then reattached the shade frame/harp using the same white gaffers tape on top of that. 

I used shortened strips of tape in order to get the pieces to mold around the wire and attach to the shade in the best way possible.

This shade casts a very pleasant light. It is very warm despite throwing off a good amount of wattage because the bulb is tucked way up in there. I realize that I have a bunch of lamps with shades that don't cast the nicest of light that I'd like to remedy.

Yay. How awesome is a street find that you'd have bought anyway if you'd had the opportunity.

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Layne Eckhardt said...

What a find! I would have happily paid money for that beautiful thing. I love how big it is!

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