Life is a Beach

We go to the beach a lot -usually both days of the weekend. San Francisco has great beaches. If you've followed this blog for any length of time, you've seen a lot of scenes from the beach and know how I love it so.  

If you're new here, let me fill you in. We often go to Ocean Beach or OB, which is the long, wide beach at western end of the Outer Sunset. It takes about 10 minutes for  us to get there from our house by car.

We used to just walk and play with the dog at the beach but over the summer, Kit started to want to swim when we went. It started with some major wading, which turned into full on swimming.

The water is cold so we outfitted him with a wetsuit and Oliver always goes in with him. In the winter, however, the waves can be too big for him to swim there even with Oliver there at his side. The currents can be vicious and the waves really big and heavy. This was the case this weekend because we had a storm. 

So when that happens we go to Crissy Field, which is in the bay and just inside of the Golden Gate Bridge. Here the waves are usually nonexistent. They're were some small ones there this weekend because of the stormy weather. 

We hit Crissy between some rain storms and hence the incredible rainbow.

Sometimes we make the trek over the bridge to Stinson Beach, to swim there. This beach also usually has smaller waves than OB and has a very gradual slope which makes it fun to play in.

Huge tide, as you can see by the tide line and I mean, just look at that sky...

We even go in the fog, which has its own beauty. This picture is from a couple of weekends ago.

Same day, as the fog was lifting. Such fun, right?

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Michelle said...

Those pictures are amazing, I especially love the fog one!

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