Taking Time to Get Organized

I have been making an effort to purge and organize lately, a little bit each day.

Yesterday I tackled Kit's room. 

I sorted through all his toys and clothing. There were a lot of toys in some of the bottom bins that were literally gathering dust. I had been holding onto some toys that Kit wasn't very interested in. Also mixed into those bins were a lot of broken parts and pieces of toys long past so it was definitely time to go through it all. As for the clothing, he is growing super fast, so I did a quick sweep of stuff he's outgrown. Anything that is in decent shape, I will donate.

I also rearranged his bins a little bit so that the things he likes are easier for him to see and get to. 

The aerobatics that go on in here would impress anyone. We made that trapeze two years ago and that swing we've had up since move in day.

These shelves hold some really awesome materials from when I homeschooled Kit that needed some reorganizing and dusting. When Kit is out of school for extended breaks, we bust them out and do all sorts of visual perception, phonics and sorting tasks that he finds satisfying.

Like the rest of the house, his room needs a fresh paint job but it does have a very nice vibe right now, even with the visible spackle patches. Everything that is in here now gets used and is essential, which is where I'm trying to get in most of the rooms in my house. 

The big daunting room in need of a purge is, or course, the garage but that is another story altogether!


Alana said...

It's a lovely room. How old is Kit?

Laetitia Phelps said...

I need to do the same !!!

Layne Eckhardt said...

I've been on a purging mission as well. It's good for the soul. :) Also, that trapeze and hanging swing look so fun!!

caitlin said...

a favorite of both young and old

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