Garden Toodling

On Saturday I picked up some boxwood from Home Depot. It's spring in SF -who am I kidding... we never even had winter this year or at least barely.

I bought the boxwood to go against the north facing wall of the shed in the yard. The tea tree that is there now is growing diagonally to try to find some direct sun and looks terrible.

I soaked the crap out of it and it came out pretty easily.

I used a bin to haul it all the way upstairs.

It went into the pot on the right -I lost one of these guys when I transplanted the others from the front re-landscaping project.

The other two tea trees are very brown but still flowering, I think they want/need more water. I really need to set up an automatic drip system up here.

I'm going to tuck a few boxwood among the baby tears and wild fern that are doing so nicely here. 

And I brought down one of the zinc planters from the roof to fit in this spot under the window.

I also gave my plants a bit of a watering (I've got soaker hoses along the sides where the planting are). Thank goodness too because it is so friggin dry in my yard right now with this no rain business we've got going in SF.

Cheers and happy gardening! 


Laetitia Phelps said...

dont forget the tomatoes plants next !:)

caitlin said...

Oh you know it, as soon as I get rid of the you know whats living back there!

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