Sewing Bedding Part Two

Today I finished sewing the pillow cases for the ensemble I'm putting together for Kit's bed.

When I saw this madras at Discount Fabrics in the city, I thought it would make great, unique bedding. It was, I think, about $5.75 a yard.

These are 19x29" finished. They were easy peasy to make, sewing anything plaid keeps everything totally square and very easy to measure. I make a 4 1/4" hem at the top, with a little 1/4" detail at the seam for a finished look.

I make the header, fold the fabric with both right-sides facing each other, and then sew the two seams (side and bottom edges). After, I edge with a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying during washing.

The final part are the euro squares, which will be made out of this pale green, fern material. This is a remnant that also dates way back. It's kind of fancy for Kit's bed and all the abuse it will take there (greasy food and markers anyone?), but it's washable and I won't use it anywhere else in the house, so why not, right?

I'll show and tell as soon as I'm done.

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