Sewing Bedding

Sometimes I like to sew my own bedding -by that I mean duvet covers, pillow cases and euro squares. It's really easy to do and the end result is always great. Generally I pair things with a white fitted sheet.

I've had this light blue damask fabric for like, forever. It's washable and I got it from Shabby Chic back when I actually liked that look (circa 2001, for reals). I bought this to cover these chairs which I recently recovered for the ORC (fall 2014 edition). I have no idea why I have so much leftover fabric from back then, but it is enough for a twin duvet cover so I'm making one for Kit's room. (BTW, those chairs have had 4 different slipcovers since I got them after college). 

I like the look of the fabric for bedding, although it is a bit heavy. It will hopefully soften nicely over time by being washed frequently. (As a rule, I feel bedding can not be precious. It's got to be able to withstand the rigors of kids, dogs and the washer and dryer). I am using a long invisible zipper as my closure because Kit likes to climb inside his cover and has ripped off more buttons at the bottom of duvets than I care to mention. Talk about getting your Mom's head to pop off. 

I made some piping out of this linen that I dyed for another project. The dye took very unevenly so this was a good way to repurpose this mistake. The two other (pretty disparate) fabrics I am using for pillow cases and squares both have green so this seemed a logical way to bring everything together. 

I'm making the pillow cases now. I'll post about that as soon as I finish and then of course I'll post the bed all made up.

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Shannon8footsix said...

I remember Shabby Chic
No one mentions it much anymore...so it is due to come back into anthro and UO anytime now...

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