Cork in the Kitchen

I am a huge fan of using cork as a kitchen drawer liner. Cork looks good and only gets better with age. It tolerates grease and water (just absorbs it), provides a cushioned surface for heavy pots and pans and keeps things from sliding around in the drawers. This is especially good for me because I have a stainless steel kitchen -everything is made in metal.

I bought a 50" wide mega roll of it a few years back at Discount Builders Supply in the city and keep it stored in my garage. This large format type of cork can also be doubled to make tack boards as I did here and here, without all the distracting seams you get when using those cork squares. I also habitually use this stuff under heavy items to prevent floor and furniture scratches.

Anyhoo, I spring-clean tackled the area under the kitchen sink yesterday and discovered I never lined these drawers (I still have a few others too).

I measured and cut a couple new squares. This stuff cuts easily but the blade has to be new and sharp to prevent from tearing the cork.

 Of course I cleaned first.

That's my everlasting soap dispenser in the back in case you missed that and never, ever, ever want to run out of dish soap again.

 Anyone else spring cleaning?


Shannon8footsix said...

i do! i do!! I have cork in the condo drawers...I feel like it's a substantial barrier between my forks and the previous owners years of grime (not that they were particularly MORE dirty than we will be, but I prefer my own dirt!)

caitlin said...

Ha. Don't we all!

Alana said...

Cork--yes! I put some grip-like shelf liner in a drawer--and, well, it doesn't grip as it should. Cork is the solution. Plus, it's pretty.

caitlin said...

AND compostable after all is said and done!

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