Apple Tree Splint

I've been holed up in my garage for weeks, I'm so sick of that project and I'm sure you are too. So today a quick post about the apple espaliers in my backyard. 

I have four young apple trees in the yard and this one so far has produced the most fruit. Production has hardly been epic but I'm hoping that as the trees mature, they'll produce more. (The espaliers date to 2011 and the other 2 fuji semi-dwarf went in two springs ago as whippets). 

I did the smallest amount of shape maintenance yesterday.

The growth at the end of this branch is all new this spring and needs to be tied down to extend the length of the branch.

Voila !  By summer's end this branch will stiffen up and not need the splint any longer.

Seems like the apples are coming in a little later this year. It's been a cool spring or maybe it is due to the very dry winter. I sure as heck don't know. I need to give these guys some time with the soaker hose.

Care to see more about these trees? You can see me obsess (here, here and here).

I love having fruit trees in the yard, anyone else?

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