Garage Update Part 3

It's time to check in yet again on the garage progress.
Last time I left off, I was about to tackle the big turquoise wall with shelves that serve as the landing station for much of life's gear that gets trekked in and out of the house regularly.

It actually doesn't look too disorganized in this shot, but there was such chaos going on here with absolutely no rhyme or reason to what was being shelved here....shoes, helmets, concrete mix, vacuum bags, comet, spray paint, salt, garbage bags, say what?

I like the paint color here, but I wanted to paint this wall white to match with the rest of the freshly painted garage so that everything looks clean, neat and professionally finished. The wall had a lot of damage that the shelves had been mostly hiding.

I patched the drywall, primed with Zinsser Bulls Eye Zero and then painted. This wall took like 5 or 6 coats of paint to finally get rid of the blueish tinge. ARGH. 

I got those shelve brackets back up as soon as I could and got rid of the janky little wooden bookcase that was there. Then, I reconfigured the lower half shelves with some new 6 foot planks to end up with seven long, uniform shelves. I moved all the household cleaning supplies, paints, garden supplies and random chemicals to the large wooden cabinet (a sweet Haight/Ashbury street find) to the right. These shelves now hold shoes, bike stuff, helmets, straps, paper goods, and earthquake water. The blue tray is a catch-all for keys, sunglasses, cash, lip stuff, etc.

All this cleaning required one Saturday afternoon dump run to get rid of old paint and random construction materials.

I cleaned up these hat hooks with some Citristrip. These babies were also a street find and are legitimately old (read: full of lead).

 I repainted with matte black enamel.

I used some of my favorite large format cork to make a pinning surface for old race numbers and random other papers by the landing station.
I attached the whole thing with decorative nails.

On top of the cork I added pegboard to hang bike keys, locks, dog leash and our gas main wrench. Oh how I have a love affair with pegboard.

This is a non-styled shot of how this area actually currently looks and functions. I am so friggin in love with my garage, it's not normal.

What about you? Do you care about your garage as much as the rest of your house or is it a place you ignore and dread?

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