An Indoor Citrus Tree

Last weekend I went out and bought a new plant to replace the dracaena on the top floor. The dracaena is in such a sad state that for now I've moved it outside in hope that it can recover.
So now I am trying out my luck with an indoor citrus.

I got this guy at Home Depot for $25. It clearly says that it is a great container plant and this room gets tons of sun (I actually think that the amount of sun was what lead to the dracaena's demise), so hopefully this relationship will work out. 

I have to admit, I'm often dubious when I see large citrus trees in blog/magazine interior shots -I suspect that they don't actually live there but instead have been added for photoshoot styling. I am really, really curious to see if this pans out.

I put the tree in the vintage planter box I made a couple years ago.

I chose the type of citrus mostly based on the fact that it stated that it was a good container plant, but I must say I like the variegated leaves and the idea of fuchsia flowers and pink lemons is awesome.

Anyone out there had long lasting success growing citrus indoors?

Do tell.

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