How To Make A Cord Vessel

On Sunday morning I whipped out this fabric vessel. It was so fun and satisfying. Oh how I love a quick project. Anyone with a sewing machine with a zigzag stitch option can make this in an hour.

I made it with this leftover piping from the couch topper I made a couple years ago. This was my first go-round and I used this youtube video as my guide.

I trimmed the extra 1/2" fabric from the piping and made sure to tuck the raw edge inward when sewing so it wouldn't be visible.

After making the coil bottom the desired dimension, keep the sewing foot engaged but tip up the coil to start the side.

When I ran out of cord I sewed back into a loop the last 3 inches (also with a zigzag stitch).

The graphic of this fabric lends itself well to this project. This might also look interesting if I had used red thread, although maybe too busy. 

*I had about 4 yards of leftover piping which produced a vessel that is 5 1/2" in diameter and about 2 1/2" high. 

I have tons of scrap fabric and plan to make some more of these. I think a larger one made of wool could be really beautiful.

Cheers and happy Monday.


Jessica Burgos said...

I'm in love!! It's fabulous and now I want one!

caitlin said...

So easy to make. Do it!

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