How to Repair a Broken Dummy Knob

Not long ago, the most annoying thing happened in Kit's room. Both of the dummy door knobs on his closet door pulled out. 

The entire knob just pulled out. Dummy knobs are used in an inactive door type situation (like a closet with a ball catch latch system), and simply mount to the face of the door like a cabinet pull.

I tried several times, unsuccessfully, to take them apart and rethread the bolt through from the rear of the plate. This is a Baldwin knob, btw.

I went down to Hundley Hardware to see if they could help me with a solution to this problem. I have no affiliation with them, btw. They are an old school hardware supplier in the city with salespeople who really know their hardware. I found out that Baldwin has since discontinued these knobs (duh! they suck). Now they come with a smarter bolt system which has a larger head on it that cannot pull through the face plate. Hundley did, however, have something that would work for me. The unfortunate thing was that they were 10 bucks each (which seemed kind of steep to me) and they were too long for my system and would need to be cut down.

 I cut the bolt with a hack saw which took only a minute.

This is a much better system. I can't imagine what the designers were thinking with that first janky system.

Thread the plate then screw to door. The bore hole allows for the protrusion in the back.

 The rosette snaps into place.

The knobs are held on like a traditional knob with that little screw on the side.

A pesky project and errand indeed, but now off my to-do list!

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