More Coil Bowls

I have been doing more experimenting with making coil bowls.

These are made with dyed upholstery piping cord. 

I bought the piping at Discount Fabrics here in the city. I got two types because I knew I was going to be doing some experimenting with dying and covering. The piping on the left is slightly larger and made from polyester and was .19 cents a yard. The piping on the right is cotton, slightly thinner and was .23 cents a yard. I bought the remainder of each bolt and got a few hundred yards in all.

I bought the polyester stuff because I am going to make some bowls with piping that is first covered in wool and this was a less expensive way to go about that. Unfortunately I have been battling with my sewing machine regarding this but I will speak of that in another post.

Anyhoo, I measured out some lengths and dropped them in some royal blue Rit. 

 I also tried out some fuchsia.

I dried my second batch in the shower because Kit was arriving home from school and I knew that if I left this to dry outside it would become a toy. I also experimented with dying the polyester to see how it held the dye (less vibrant).

The bowls are 11, 12 and 13" in diameter. The paler pink one is made from the poly piping. The process of making this type of bowl is detailed here.

I am still experimenting with the shape of these bowls. I can make the edges rise up more sharply as is the case with the blue one or have them slope more gently, depending on how I sew them. 

As I mentioned earlier, I am having some trouble with what I can do because of my sewing machine -both in what I can cover the piping with and the slope of the bowl. I'm ready for an upgrade. I don't know boo about machines, mine is about 14 years old, a singer. 

Any thoughts?


Noel Costello said...

I would look into an all metal vintage machine with zigzag. One of the Singer slant needle machines or an older Japanese made Kenmore would probably serve you well. You could post this question on the forums at patternreview.com and get a lot more suggestions. I have no affiliation with the web site other than being a member, but it's a great resource for sewers.

I love your blog, and your bowls (among your other creations) are great.


caitlin said...

Thank you so much Noel for the suggestions and the resource! I already went on to the website and it looks like I can get PLENTY of info there. ;) Honestly I didn't even know where to begin before. Once I do a little research maybe I can score something on craigslist. -Caitlin

Noel Costello said...

You're welcome! Yes, craigslist is a good place to look. I have had a lot of luck finding good vintage machines in thrift stores too. While not industrial grade, the older mechanical home machines are real workhorses and they're easy to maintain. Good luck with your search.


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