Moving Blankets As Wall Protectors

I recently hung some moving blankets as wall protectors in the garage.

I put them on the freshly painted wall by the wood pile, which right now is pretty low.

This is how high the wood stacks when we have a fresh full cord delivered. Basically when we have the wood delivered, they dump it out of a dump trunk onto the sidewalk just outside the garage door and then we toss it into the garage and then stack it up.

We end up with three layers of wood. First we stack up to the top of the concrete foundation wall. Then we stack on top of that ledge and then the remainder gets stacked in front. 

P.S. Nobody freak! I have a phase II EPA certified wood burning fireplace.

The wood gets hurriedly hurled up there and the drywall had been pretty dinged up as a result. I designed this system to deal with the wall trashing that is sure to happen when we get our next delivery.

I bought these standard cheap moving blankets from Home Depot. I got a packet of two for like 20 bucks. 

I put in these grommets for easy hanging.

I use tailors chalk to mark any dark fabric when sewing. I spaced the grommets according to the obstacles on the wall. 

First, the cutter. Use a piece of hardwood behind the fabric for a nice clean cut. (You hammer that thing for those of you who haven't grommeted before).

 Place the grommet shank in the heavy holder.

 Pop it through the fabric from the reverse side.

Place the corresponding washer side of the grommet in the hammer setting die.

Place the hammer with the washer under it in the hole and give that bad boy a whack with a hammer. That's it!

I cut the blanket so that it could turn the corner and drop down to protect the drywall on the front wall where the foundation wall is lower. 

I saved and re-trimmed all the edges with the original black edging for a custom look.

Ha! Measure twice cut once!

I re-traced the double seam and used white thread, just like the original.

I hung the grommets on some plain black drywall screws that I left slightly protruding from the wall.

I rather like the look of moving blankets. I have some leftover fabric. It would make a fun dog bed or pillow or a truly kick-ass headboard. IMB, it's always interesting to making something high with something low, or the other way round.

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