Found Storage Cubby

I've had really good karma lately for street finds. 

I recently found this little storage box out in Noe Valley.

It was looking a little ratty, especially with the tape remnants on the top.

It was in perfect shape structurally though, it just needed some light sanding to minimize the water marks and to get rid of the gummy tape residue.

I bought this random orbit sander recently when I was redoing the window sills in Ethan's room. I justified this splurge because I am also planning on repainting the trim on the rear deck which is peeling and will need some sanding prep. I like Makita as a brand and usually stick with that if I can. This sander is a charm to use; it is way superior to one of those palm sanders (faster and quieter) and has the added bonus of velcro backed sand paper disks which are worth every penny in my opinion.

It cleaned up not perfectly but pretty nicely. I only gave it the lightest of sanding with 250 grit because I didn't want to eat through the top layer of veneer. I finished it with one application of Butchers Bowling Alley Wax. The paper I had leftover from when I lined this dresser's drawers.

This thing is perfect for housing my thread. I'm using the bottom drawer to hold all the tools and presser feet to my new (old) sewing machine. For now I'm storing this little box within the larger cabinet in my living room that houses a bunch of fabric. That cabinet is here, in case you're curious.

Nice, right? Much more pleasing to look at than the plastic boxes I had been using.

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