Street Find Planter

Today's post is a one-two dose of some of my favorite things -street finds and avocado plants.
I found this sweet planter on a street corner in my neighborhood a little while back.

What the what? I don't know why anyone would get rid of this thing. It's in mint condition. I thought it'd be perfect for the avocado tree in my bedroom that has outgrown its pot several times over by now, plus an avocado seems the perfect plant for the so-cal, mid-century vibe this pot has going.

These are my babies I've been growing for years. You can see their origins here and here.

Because this pot is so big (about 14" in diameter), I wanted to be able to place it on a table without a saucer under it. For this reason I used a liner to block moisture at the base. I know this is risky business with rotting roots, but I will be very careful with my watering. This particular avocado has had some hard times lately -perpetually dry (I've been out of town a bit this summer) and in a pot too small, so I'm curious to see how it does with abundant root space and water.

Growing avocado trees is so much fun. Everyone should do it! I find that they are best looking at their early stages and can become uglier over time when their leaves become larger, tougher and droopy. The beauty is you can just keep a continuous crop of these young thing going year round, just like a nasty serial bachelor!

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