Wicker Bull's Head

I have been searching for a vintage wicker bull's head for a while now. I was smitten by this image of Lorenzo Castillo's kitchen, which I believe I first saw posted by Heather Clawson. I missed my opportunity to buy one from Jayson Home. They carried two sizes and were pretty nice but I hesitated because they were pretty expensive, and now they no longer offer it. 

When I saw that Target was selling one (via Emily Henderson's blog), for like 29 Dollars, I bit. I ordered it online and kept my fingers crossed. 

I'm giving this a try but I think I might hate this guy. He lacks the coolness of a vintage piece -it's too new looking and the face sort of looks like a pig rather than a bull (the eyes are sort of piggy looking). And, the snout is too long. I wonder if this would look better sprayed with linseed oil to darken it. 

Maybe a wreath of greens would improve his looks and who knows I may still grow to like him. Meanwhile I continue to search for the real deal- a vintage one from Spain or France. I'd love to have a little collection of smaller ones up there. If anyone has a source, please do tell.

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