More Sewn Stripes

I'm afraid that lately this blog might feel a bit like Groundhog Day.

Lately,I have been busy with projects -even postable ones, but have not been very diligent with documentation. I'm squeezed on time lately and not so organized. So, the end result is that it may seem that the only thing I've been up to lately is sewing stripes with my super nifty new/old sewing machine (because it is super easy to snap a few photos of that with my phone).  In reality I've got a bunch of things I'm working on that have me very excited and busy. I will do better on documenting and posting when the holiday rush is over.

If you're still with me here, I figure you must still marginally care about sewing stripes on things so I'll forge on with my explanation. I made these little towels for a friend to use in her powder room. They're plain white, mid-weight cotton with a white surged edge. No hem. I sewed the stripes using a tight zigzag stitch with regular poly thread. I lay out the first stripe with blue chalk and simply follow the line. Then, I follow the first stripe with the presser foot for the second stripe. 

My philosophy on powder room towels is this. On the one hand, they should not be so fussy that a guest doesn't dare use them. To me,an overly embroidered, super starched towel always reads "don't use me I'm decorative". On the other hand, a towel that is too casual (terry cloth) reads "I could be crawling with bacteria for all you know". A crisp white towel is the happy middle.

As for the variation. These are handmade. I wanted them to read that way so the edges are not fussy and the stripe pattern are laid out differently for each one. I like these a lot and my friend was happy. I'm going to make some more for myself. I might even make some tea towels (slightly larger) like this.

One thing I learned here. I laid out my stripes in quarters because I am usually a half-folder on a towel this small (19" wide). If you are a thirds-folder, then it would be better to sew the striping down the center.

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