Thoughts on Symmetry

But what is this??? Two posts in as many days? Yes, I'm on a roll here, although maybe this one doesn't really count because it's just me rearranging furniture.

About a month ago I moved this dresser into the bedroom. Remember this dresser? It was the one that I scraped and painted a while back and was living in the sewing room.

I moved it because, well, who doesn't like to move shit around. Seriously though, moving this resolved two issues I had going. First it got rid of some of the symmetry that was dominating this room. I'm realizing that too much symmetry can feel uptight in an interior and that breaking up heights and mass can be a lot more intimate and interesting visually, at least for my sensibility. I had my bed and couch against two opposite walls both flanked by pairs of matching tables. No bueno. This old post will give you a glimpse of the way this room looked a while back. Secondly, I simply wanted to store my workout gear in my bedroom, instead of in the sewing room, which is a constant disaster zone. 

I'm liking the step down in formality.

What about you? Symmetry or no symmetry. Do tell and I only mean for interiors, not hair or fashion because I strictly adhere to symmetry in both of those domains. 

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