I recently picked up a few houseplants from here and there. This is a Blue Star Fern, which I bought at the o-so-lovely Flora Grubb. It likes shade when outside but a bright light indoors. Right now it is by a north facing window on the piano. We shall see if it gets enough light there.  

I am still so in love with that salvaged piano btw but not so much with my curtains right now. I have cleverly rolled them back for this photo. In reality, they have been absolutely destroyed by the kitten, like shredded. Not sure yet if I can salvage these with an edge or if I should start over with new fabric (and recycle the interfacing and lining). But I digress....

I hate that red lampshade. Note to self: I need to cover that in black wool. 

These randoms I picked up at Trader Joe's (the orchid) and my hardware store. The mangy Maidenhair fern was living outside and is actually much happier here in the entrance hall, all that growth is new. It is possible that this is one of these ferns from way back when. It is still too small for its pot but it'll fill in over time.

The wall piece is something I made recently. It is part of the same study of dyed, waxed canvas collaging that I've been focusing on of late, and touched on briefly in this post about Kit's room.

I'm undecided on the pot and water catch randomness here. I don't usually go for matchy matchy but this might look better with some uniformity. 


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