Paint Prep

The past few days and over the weekend I have been doing some paint prep.

There is a little hallway that leads to the boys' bedrooms, their bath and the laundry room where the trim and walls have been really showing some wear and tear. It's kind of nasty and it's been bugging me.

There are five doorways in this little hall each of which is pretty dinged up (mostly at the bottom), presumably from a vacuum cleaner. 

Also, the doorway to Ethan's room was very badly damaged from a hanging key that obviously got repeatedly caught in the jamb.

So I've been going at this with a razor blade and a sanding block and filling in nicks and such as much as possible. I'm sort of finding that some of the paint adherence on the jambs is as bad here as it was in the boys bath but, inexplicably other spots are much better.  

At any rate, I think I'm almost ready to prime and paint the walls and trim now. I've scraped, filled, sanded and degreased everything. I just need to tape the floor and then I can get started. I'm painting everything the same color -Benjamin Moore OC-117.


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