Oh Mein Gott

Omg. Can you believe this shit show? How is this even possible, you may ask?

Behold the culprit, Otis. Cute, but super naughty when it came to these curtains. He climbed them, sharpened his claws on them, I even saw him shred them with his teeth in the end. Bad kitty, bad, bad kitty. I don't mean to sound so cavalier, because these were beautiful when they were made. That was almost 9 years ago, though, and they were badly sun damaged where he shredded them. The fabric had already drastically faded and really broken down.

I was very fond of these curtains which hang at the front windows of our main floor. The color was awesome and they hung beautifully. My plan is to replace them with wool in the same color. Wool will make them a bit less fragile to use and sun. Of course, I'm going to do it myself (although these were beautifully made by someone else). I feel pretty confident I can make these look as good as the originals because I did a pretty job on these in the master bedroom. I am planning to reuse the interfacing and the lining as they are both still in excellent shape.  

I have 10 foot ceilings and each panel here is about 100" wide finished. There are four of them. That amounts to about 24 yards of fabric, more of less, with a bolt width in the 50 plus inch range. With so much fabric, the cost of these can add up pretty quickly, even with the reuse of the liners. 

I have been trawling the wool section at Discount Fabrics here in the city with no luck. I've just begun my online search. So far Mood has not had anything suitable. If anyone has any suggestions for a good wool source please let me know. I'm trying to keep my per yard cost to 25$ or less. 

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