Paint Update

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the prep I was doing to the trim in the small hallway that leads to the boys' rooms. I finished that job and just wanted to post a few "after" pictures of that project, even though it's surely not all that exciting to anyone but me. 

Everything is all white and crisp. I ended up painting the walls in addition to the trim. I'm not sure if I want to hang anything in here again, I'm liking how unbusy it feels this way.

Maybe you noticed when I was prepping the hallway trim, that there was a big white patch on Kit's door. That was a half finished repair job which had been like that for at least a year. Calvin sometimes scratches at the door to get into Kit's room and I had filled it and primed it but never gotten around to the top coat.

I removed the hardware and mostly used a small foam roller brush. 

Of course once I got started on Kit's door, I couldn't help myself and touched up a few others.


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