Dryer Balls

I recently discovered the joy of wool dryer balls.

This could be a duh moment for others, but wool dryer balls are totally great and worth buying. I stupidly put off buying these because I had the crazy idea that I could make these myself, but at around 20 bucks for 6, that would have been just a dumb waste of time. I got mine from Amazon.

These lovely things really speed up the drying time and leave clothes soft. They are an excellent alternative to liquid clothing softeners, which cause mold in a front load washer, especially the big brand types because they have animal fat in them. Yes, grody, right?... the residual animal fat is growing that nasty gray mold shit in all the rubber gaskets. Dryer sheets are also a supposed no-no because they clog the lint filter and occasionally get sucked out of the drum and into the mechanism. The only drawback of dryer balls that I know of is the klunking, which is minimized by a large dryer load. Totally livable for me so far. 

One more laundry side note while we're talking about it: I have discovered that if I use oxyclean in every load, my washer does not smell, ever (I have a front load Bosch). I used to have a problem that my darks, washed in cold, would smell musty. Now, no longer -I think because the washer is very clean and has no residual stuff growing in there. 

Happy laundry :0, and weigh in if you have any thoughts.

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