I blew some dough on some more Nest products. 

That is not actually entirely true. I bought these with points. So there was money spent at one time, but not in this instance. 

I have been slowly trading out my smoke detectors for a couple years now. We have like fifty-effing million of them in the house. Actually, I have 10 of them, plus one in the garage. That's a lot to replace at 100 big ones a pop. I have replaced 8 and have only 3 to go. I am upgrading for a few reasons. Mainly, it is because my old type would go off for no rhyme or reason -often in the middle of the night. They'd make just three chirps but believe me, that's enough to jolt a bear out of hibernation. I believe they go off because of a power surge. They also were hyper-sensitive, so that the one on my main floor would go off from cooking and the one in the hall by the boys bath would go off from steam. Mind you, they are all connected in line so if one went off, the whole friggin house (10 alarms) went off. What a royal pain in the ass -especially for a boy with autism.

I bought the first Nest to see if these too would go off randomly from the power surges. Well....they do (sometimes, but less frequently -maybe once every month or so) but the Nest alarms speak first, in a nice calm lady voice, before they chirp. So usually they will correct themselves before the louder part of alarm goes off. I can also tell from the Nest App which alarm was triggered, which I guess may be an important piece of information when I finally have the surge thing cured.

And, I like the fact that the Nests are also carbon monoxide detectors and are a million times better looking than those other lame-ass things (I mean really? who the heck came up with that design with the impossible battery compartment and the ugly-ass shape?)

Just 3 more to go. I should just rip the band-aid off and get them. You might have noticed that also included in this blow-out purchase was a thermostat. I got that for the main floor, purely for aesthetic reasons (shame...insert 3 bell emojis because that's pretty shallow). I haven't installed that yet and perhaps will post about that later. 

Cheers to hopeful silent nights.

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