New Lampshades in the Bedroom

I recently bought some interesting African waxed cotton fabrics to make some bedding for my older son who has headed off to college. This type of fabric is definitely outside of my usual go-to repertoire when perusing the stacks at Discounts Fabrics here in the city. My son, however has a very good eye and chose a variety that he liked, including the one below.

It occurred to me that this fabric which sort of reminds me of a peacock's tail would be a rad departure from the boring white shades I've got going in my bedroom.


The shades I recovered are 10" high. I cut my fabric to 11.5" to give me a 3/4" edge on both sides to create a seamed edge which I then fold over the shade's metal framework. I determined the length I needed after wrapping the shade on a dry run. 

I machine stitched a line on the folded edge to keep it crisp and hold it in place. It also makes a smart detail. I use this same detail on the vertical overlapped hem on the body of the shade.
Many fabric shades use a small strip of additional fabric on the top and bottom rings to cover the ring and hide the edge of the fabric. I find that method to be unnecessary if the folded over seam is done neatly and tightly.

I decided to glue the fabric to the existing shade only at the edges and along the one vertical seam (rather than glue down the entire swath of fabric). My method was to entirely apply my fabric and clamp with clothespins and then work my way around the edge with the glue, one section at a time. I used fabric glue.
Lots of clips make for a tight neat edge. The inner ridge of the clip works great for getting the fabric to wrap around the shade's ring.

These shades are way more maximalist than is my usual style. I really like them because they are so unexpected and unique. They are a fun departure for me.


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