A Happy Avocado Tree (And Some Other Changes)

Since painting the stairway I've made some small change-ups in my upstairs hall.

I moved my beloved avocado tree which has really taken off. I've had this plant for probably about 5 years now -a nice guy in our neighborhood gave it to my son when it was just a little starter plant. I moved it out of my bedroom last spring because it was getting too big for its spot there. It loves this new location because it gets a ton of sun from the skylights above. 

The most dramatic change has been hanging this suzani. It used to hang in my front entry. This looks so much better to me than the smaller piece I had here previously (which you can see here). I just love how bright and cheery that textile is. 

Looking toward the front of the house, I swapped out a map for a pen and ink piece that I made in graduate school. Time to retire that map for a while. 

Finally, on the stair landing, I added this big stump which had been lately living in Ethan's room. This was a street find. It is a beautiful hunk of aged wood.

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