Sometimes It's the Little Things in Life

Three months ago on impulse, I lopped off one of the gangly branches of my fiddle fig tree. I did this in a somewhat reckless stroke of abandon as it was fall, and I'd read that fiddle fig pruning ought to be done in the growing season, i.e. spring. 

My tree has had some nice growth, but it was getting rather leggy. I ignored the thing about pruning during the growing season -I figured growing season is all year round in this sunny southern exposure. I cut just above an old leaf nodule.

I was hoping that this cut would help promote some new growth in the center of the tree as this guy is really splaying out in all directions and looking a bit misshapen.

About a month ago I got a first shoot. I was beside myself with joy -really it was absurd how happy this made me. And then a week later, another one. And then another a week later. And this week, another tiny little bud.

Yes! This cut has produced 4 new shoots. Four! That's almost cause for a moment to question my own agnosticism ;) 

And then, on the other hand, there's Eleanor. I started to use this odd retro stuff around the same time that I got the first shoot. One capful per quart of water. I must say, it sure does "seem like magic", if I do say so myself. 

Regardless of how/who/what takes credit in my head, I'm hopeful that those little buds will grow upright and fill in that central void. I've been rotating the plant a bit, because the branches really do reach for the sun. I water about once a week, and the plant pot sits on a few bricks above the catch pan, so the roots never sit in water. This spot is usually rather sunny too, but has lately been not, due to unusually gloomy winter we are having in San Francisco. Go figure. 

Got some fiddle fig know-how? Do tell. 

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