Not a lot of words needed here except to say that I like to repair useful broken items whenever I can, rather than buy new. I guess that's the old yankee in me.

This guy has obviously been put through the dishwasher too many times. Luckily I found the broken pieces of resin in the bottom of my dishwasher. Before I glued, I brushed away any rust and oil with a 3M green pad.

Quick set two-part epoxy is perfect for this job. Remember when working with a two part product always squeeze out dabs in separate puddles to avoid cross contaminating the tubes.

Clean away glue before it sets up, and save yourself some trouble by remembering to wipe clean your mixing knife.

Basically inf*ckingvisible. Resin glues really well. 

*In case you're wondering about that psychedelic pink cast on the blade, I was working in my garage which has a colored florescent light in one of the fixtures.

I also have this beaten up group which have been living in a drawer, I plan to pass these on to Ethan when he most-likely lives off campus next year 

Their finish was so damaged that I thought it'd be best to dye them with some india ink.

I sealed them with wax. Varnish would be far far better for this but this was a quick and dirty repair job. 

Cheers and I even sharpened them.

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