A Copper Pipe Drying Rack

While I am not quite finished with the changes I've made to the laundry room, I wanted to share this drying rack I made for in there.

I used to hang stuff on a tension rod above the utility sink which basically rendered it useless. Mostly I use this rack to hang non-dryer work-out wear and shirts that need ironing. 

This was very simple to make with some 1/2" copper plumber's pipe and a few bits and bobs.

The project called for two 48" lengths of 1/2" pipe, three floor flanges, three threaded adapters, two 90 degree elbows, and one tee. 

My thoughts in determining how to build this thing were mostly driven by these considerations: 1)Height needed to hang items comfortably while also clearing items on folding shelf below. 2)Distance away from wall to have hanger width clearance AND to also hit a stud for strong anchoring. 3)Length of rod needed to look visually balanced and provide enough hanging space (the wall with the mural is a sheer wall, i.e there is plywood behind the drywall, so I did not need to account for a stud there). 

Use a hacksaw to cut and a flat file to clean up the cuts after so the pipe can easily slide into the fittings. 

I used zero adhesive -the mechanics of this construction is what holds everything securely in place. To assemble, I first measured and secured the flanges and then assembled all the pieces and screwed the adapters into the flanges.  

Prior to assembly, I spray painted the flanges with Montana Can turquoise. Never settle for rustoleum colors when you can buy Motana Can! 

P.s. First I primed with Bin 1-2-3.

I consider this to be a success! and I sort of surprised myself with how easy this was to make this. As soon as I finish up the last details in here, I'll post about the rest of the room.

Peace and love and happy laundry.

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