Replacing a Sink: Part One

 Today I tore up my top floor bathroom.

What in the world would possess me to do such a thing (other than that atrocious tangle of hoses)? 

You see that? I don't know how in the world that happened but it sure ruins the whole thing for me. 

Since that chip occurred, I have been scouring my usual spots for a vintage green sink. I've been looking for a pretty long time and finally, finally scored one at Discount Resources a couple of weekends ago. I will fill in the details on this guy at a latter post when I install it, because right now I want to get back to that mess I've made. 

The vintage sink has some thin little chrome legs but is mostly held up and in place by a wall mounted plate. This means that I need to install some blocking in between the studs, which of course means cutting away the drywall. 

This oscillating multitool did the trick -I was sure there was no electrical hiding behind this wall before I cut, btw. This tool also makes very neat cuts so I should be able to reuse the piece I cut away with some artful mudding.

I'm hoping I can sneak in a 2x4 on a couple of concealed simpson hangers and call it a day. I'll definitely post about this later. I'm also planning on giving this room a fresh coat of paint, which I will do before installing the sink but after installing the hanging plate.


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