Progress :)

Finally, finally, finally we are making progress on the hot tub project.
If you are a regular reader, you will remember that this project was begun a loooong time ago, last September to be exact. So yes, my yard has been ripped up and in complete state of disarray for 6 months.

There are many reasons for the delay but the two most glaring ones are: 1)Project expansion and 2) weather. In all the projects and renovations I've done over the years, project expansion seems to be inevitable. This project expanded because we decided that when we put in the hot tub we should replace the pebble patio with a troweled concrete pad. (Pebble pads look really great but in practicality, boy are they uncomfortable underfoot. We hated ours). We were going to pour the pad without a drain because it seemed like overkill to have one. We were not going to hire a general because the project seemed pretty straight forward.

That seemed rational and easy enough until the deluge of winter rain set in. It was epic here in Norcal. All that rain led to the natural conclusion that pouring a large area of non-porous concrete, right next to the house, without a drain, could be a recipe for disaster. We envisioned the yard as a bathtub -especially because we already dug into the hillside to create a flat yard (i.e we removed a lot of absorbent top soil) and have large footings around the yard's entire perimeter.  

Anyhoo, the drain required a new ditch and drain and a new hole bored through the foundation...and then part way through the project, my plumber disappeared. He completely ghosted me. 

Happily we are back on track. We hired a general who is managing the plumbing and is going to build the tub and pour the concrete. Yay, is all I can say. 

The plumbing work is back underway and the patio area has been cleared so that it can be tamped and prepped for the concrete. Some of the stone will be repurposed for drainage in the yard.

Well now, isn't that lovely. I am so excited to be able to get back to gardening. 

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