Reworked Textiles

It is no secret that I enjoy sewing. I like to sew for a multitude of reasons -the unconscious solitude of it, the tangibility and satisfaction of an easily completed project, and the challenge of learning or improving a skill. Recently, I have been reworking some fabrics  that I am using to make some pillows, which has proved to be a satisfying diversion from some larger projects that are in the works or needing finishing touches.

My sister bought for me in Mexico this lovely textile -which is a cotton scrim interspersed by woven strips. I think it is intended as a decorative window covering. 

I wanted to use it as fabric for a pillow so I screwed up the courage to cut it up and sew it onto a piece of washed cotton duck.

To prevent the weave from unraveling, I straight-stitched along the edge with ivory thread and then added a decorative zig-zag on top in turquoise. I have almost finished the strips and then will construct the pillow. The weave is pretty open, this pillow will be on the delicate side and I'm hoping I can wash it inside out because everything and I mean everything needs to be washable in this house.  

I have a little bit of dyed wool left from the dining room curtains and wanted to make a little bolster pillow for my beaten up leather chair. I've long been inspired by the channeling often seen on motorcycle jacket elbows and thought I'd see how I could recreate it in wool. I sandwiched some wool batting between the wool and some cotton on the other side. The wool wants to pull a little as it's sewn -even while using a walking foot but I think I can make this work. Still more sewing to go here.

Oooops! These aren't pillows, they're tea towels but I'm throwing them into this post anyway. I love making tea towels because I'm always in need and they're fun and simple to make (and my husband trashes kitchen towels with reckless abandon). I don't overthink the color combos, I overlock the edges using a zig-zag stitch and then do a pair of decorative stripes a few inches in from the boarder. 

Finally, I added just a little bit of magenta stitching to this striped denim and made two petite little pillows. I am in love with this fabric. I bought like 20 yards of this recently and plan to make a slip cover for one of my sofas.

Happy Friday.

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