Hot Tub and Garden Renovation Preview

Yes, yes and yes! This just happened today. I'm both high with excitement and terrified by the size of this thing because yes...
It's yuge.

Boy has this been a long time coming. It is so nice to be finally out of that frustrating nothing is happening mode, and to see something materially coming together. It only took two guys a few hours to knock this tub together.
Leading up to this there has been, of course, a lot of prep work with digging trenches, installing a drain, tamping, laying rebar, etc., etc., etc.

Everything had to be permitted and inspected too, so there are always the delays in that.

Six guys to pour and trowel the concrete. They were a finely tuned operation, I think because you just have to be when the material has a fixed working time. My neighbor next door, who is doing a complete renovation of her house and not living there, did us a complete solid and let us snake the concrete hose (all 200 feet of it) through her garage and yard and into our yard -saving us the hassle of bringing the hose through our house because we have no access to our yard except through the main floor, (i.e. living room). So yay for that.

We went with a steel trowel finish. It is still wet in this picture. A steel trowel finish creates a very hard and smooth surface with variation in the color -a patina if you will. It is quite beautiful and feels absolutely wonderful underfoot as it is smooth and heats up nicely in the sun. Let me tell you, this surface is in no way like a sidewalk or carport. On the advice of the concrete contractor, we added a tiny bit of black pigment to the mix to reduce reflective glare in the direct sun.

As I mentioned at the top of this post, the size of this thing terrifies me. It is crazy big (10 foot in diameter in a 26 foot wide lot and 4 1/5 feet deep!). I have faith that we can integrate it into the yard with the proper hardscape and landscaping and that it will be, the bossest thing ever (at least in my mind anyway).

P.S. Consider this a preliminary post. Of course I will be writing about the details about this hot tub and the garden as things move along. We are doing a built in bench on the concrete, a small deck around the tub to hold the roll-back top and of course planting the shit out of the yard. I am so excited.  

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