New Paint in the Boys' Bath

It was time for fresh paint in the boys' bathroom. Because there are so many windows in here, this is no small undertaking, but the walls were pretty dinged up and I was also ready for a refresh. I wiped everything down with TSP, taped and primed with Zinsser Zero.

Lately in my thoughts has been this house in my neighborhood which I walk past on weekends. It has the most beautiful blue front door. It really inspires me every time I walk by -so much so that I became convinced that I should recreate this color in the bathroom. 

Also part of this painting impetus is this silver grey cabinet which I've been wanting to paint flat black for some time now. It's actually a sideboard which was my first ever grown up dumpster dive -it has huge sentimental value to me even though it is beaten up, warped and worthless. I plan to paint it the same color as the piano and this dresser (BM Black Beauty). I've been keeping it silvery grey because I thought that black wouldn't look right with the dark grey walls. Black and light blue, no worries.

Anyhoo, I collected a million sample cards in light blue. After narrowing things down, I bought a sample of Farrow and Ball's Blue Ground and BM's Indigo. And then, when I got them on the wall, I just couldn't. First of all, I remembered how generic this bathroom looked formerly light blue (albeit without the board and batten). Secondly, shabby chic. So hard to avoid it with that color and the pedestal sink and all.

I shifted gears.

This took cojones....

...especially since the first coat looks like smeared dog shit.

This is the color as it should look. I'm staying the course and I think it's going to look great, actually. It's Benjamin Moore, Windsor Green from the Williamsburg line, matte. This room is west facing, so it goes through a wide range of light conditions throughout the day. The color ranges from fatigue geen, to olive to mossy. I'm keeping the ceiling the same blue as it is now, except I'm giving it a fresh coat with matte instead of eggshell, which is on there now. I want less sheen. This room gets plenty of ventilation, so don't fret on the matte. 

Finally, it is with a bit of embarrassment that I admit that all this time, I've been painting with a brush that is too small!  I usually use a Purdy 2" but for this project it finally occurred to me to buy a bigger friggin brush. I got a 3" and switched brands to Wooster -on the advise of the very knowledgeable guy at my hardware store. He was right! The Wooster is a better brush. It holds a lot of paint and levels beautifully, but I must say that a bigger brush does require more hand strength. 

Ok. That's all for now. 

Peace and Love.

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