A Good Blog Is Hard To Find: An Inquiry

Hello Friends. 

I'm looking for some new design blogs to follow. It seems that the type of blog that I enjoy reading has become harder to find. Many of my favorites are so longer active, and I've been unable to find new ones because generally I enjoy a non-commercial blog and these can often be hard to find and happened upon only by luck. 

My criteria for a "good" blog is that it is primarily made up of original content and ideas, or is project driven, and/or parlays information, personal style, innovative architecture/design, or technical expertise. I like blogs that document someone's interests or interesting life or perspective. I don't require staged perfection, in fact, the more actual, the better. I enjoy seeing the process

Without being overly critical or negative, I generally don't read blogs that have a lot of sponsored content and assemblages of not unique items to buy, and/or those that have a lot of "reveals" that don't really reflect someone's unique personal style but instead remind me of a West Elm, or Serena and Lily catalog (there's nothing wrong with that, btw, it's just not what I'm into at right now). 

I've compiled an abbreviated list of some blog that I enjoy (some active, some not). I would very much appreciate if readers would add in the comments section any blogs that they enjoy which generally fly below the radar and somewhat fit the description above. Please take a moment and do it, I will be most appreciative and I promise there will be no criticisms and judgement. 

Favorite no longer active oldies:

Active Faves:

Ok. There we have it. Peace and love :) and do chime in!

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