New New Paint in the Boys' Bath: The Reveal

Remember, eight months ago, when I endeavored to repaint the boys' bathroom? Well I did it, and here it is. 

I actually finished this eons ago but I was very delayed in photographing because one, I've had personal stuff going on that has seriously eaten into my ability to get any work done, and two, I wanted to hang some art in there first and that precipitated framing and hanging, which took forever.

So if you recall, the new paint in here is Windsor Green, in matte. The ceiling is the same, Caribbean Mist. I recoated in a flatter sheen. I also painted the sideboard in Black Beauty in matte. All are Benjamin Moore. This bathroom has gone through many iterations, (1)snoozeville, (2)board and batten and paint prep (3)charcoal grey, it feel it is looking its best yet in this current configuration.

There is no doubt that I am currently leaning towards less glossy surfaces. I know that some prefer more gloss for furniture and trim for the ease if wipe-ability, but these newer, high quality formulas are remarkably indestructible, even in flat. With less sheen, there is less reflection, which I find preferable, especially in this very sunny room. This sideboard is so warped and ragged (that door won't even shut completely!), the matte seems to suit its sorry state.

As I have stated before, I just love a no frills porcelain light socket. This one is especially nice because it has the pull chain feature, which for whatever reason, delights me. 

A must do trick is to hang the shower curtain at ceiling height. I made the curtain to accommodate the custom length during this room's last renovation (longer liners are available to buy, btw). 

There is a whole saga to the shower curtain rod. The bar I previously used began to rust. This bugged me. I replaced both it and the hangers with wood -both unfinished. I love this solution. I tied the curtain to the hangers with twine and left the lengths uncut -because I liked the way they looked. 

I used six wooden frames from West Elm and then threw in a few mismatched because I don't like to have too much uniformity in a gallery wall. 

I also like to break up the format by pinning up some objects, like this wire doodad and some skeleton keys. Those orange map pins are great for this kind of thing. They come in all kinds of colors and I found mine on Amazon. 

I replaced the toilet seat with a black one. It's pure coincidence that the yellow bag, which holds toilet paper, matches the painted plunger.

My son made the beautiful little ceramic bowl and the vintage soda water bottle is a very stable way to hold a fern leaf -which last for ages and are plentiful and free from the yard :)

Finally, the fiddle fig actually rooted from an off cut and is super happy here but does need a larger pot. The Mexican feather art piece was a street find.  

Any thoughts? Do tell.

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