I recently rotated around the furniture on the east wall of my living room. The sole purpose for this was that my fiddle fig tree was not getting enough light and threatening to misbehave with falling, rigid leaves and very minimal growth. I'm pretty sure it's main complaint is just not enough sun. 

This is still a before shot. That tree is tricky because it doesn't like direct sun but needs bright light and it has a very wide canopy which makes placing it a challenge. It used to live upstairs in my bedroom, but there it was getting too much direct sun, unless I kept my curtains drawn, which I don't like to do during the day.  This is the same tree that did this about a year ago. Then I moved it downstairs and it feels like it's been touch and go ever since. 

This location gives it just a spot of direct sun for a short time and for sure more bright light for the rest of the day. The doors are a southern exposure. 

I think the cabinet may look better in its previous position or maybe I'm just not used to it yet visually. At any rate, I'm very hopeful that my tree will be back on track.

*p.s. I still need to move that paper pinwheel to a spot above the map. Maybe that's what is throwing the balance off.  

Cheers and happy furniture moving!


A gentle reader suggested that I swap the map that sits on top of the cabinet and move the cabinet over a tad. She was right. I nudged the cabinet slightly to the left and switched the map and painting, and, while I was at it, I hung that paper wreath that my older son made over the Russian map. 

For fun, I took a shot from the other side. As is my usual MO, I tidied but did not style for this shot. This is how my living room actually looks right now -including the hand tools laying on the shelf which I'm currently using on a project in the yard. Those prints need a little shifting, the red painting is waiting to be hung elsewhere. Any thoughts? Do chime in.

Again, cheers.

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