The 100 Year Project: An Update

I was recently asked about my tapestry project, aka the 100 year project. I can say, unequivocally, that this project continues to be a labor of love. I have been finding such zen in stitching this that by the end of this project, I may just find total consciousness. Ha ha ha, kidding, not about enjoying the stitching, just the consciousness thing.

So I've finished all the black areas other than the signature. The signature may not show or could be partially obscured because it will fall at the corner when I go to upholster with this. I'm going to leave that to the end. Funnily it took one hank almost exactly, to do all the black. Perfect!

So now I've moved on to the red. There's a fair amount of it, including some huge patches, which aren't as fun as the smaller sections. It is especially satisfying to sew color to color as seen above. 

It will probably take me three weeks to a month to finish the red. Then, I'll probably move on to the tan sections. I won't be able to resist finishing the face before I move on to the monstrous green section at the top. 

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