Attack of the Killer Kombucha

For many months now, I've been cheating on my kombucha... I've been drinking store bought.  I love the taste of my home brew so I guess this is purely due to laziness or business or whatever. I love kombucha and will usually drink it daily if it is available. Buying from the store can get pretty pricey (which is why I started brewing my own in the first place).

I last started a brew at the end of November, then I left it. This is why the scoby has gotten so friggin massive. It consumed all the liquid and grew and grew and grew, just like Otto the fish.

Unfortunately, I had to commit some serious scobycide (insinkerator), to winnow down that stack. It occurs to me now that I could probably next time just put it in the compost. Usually I keep a little of the existing finished brew (called starter) to speed up the new brew, but it was super vinegary because it has sat for so long so I started with only fresh tea.
For my batches, 3 weeks is usually about right for brew time. I use a piece of tape to record the start date. 

I store these behind the closet with the yellow door, which I am seriously considering repainting -I want to add some shelves in there and would be painting everything as a result.


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