An Upholstery Project: Final Edition

Well how fun and satisfying has this little project been?!

Let us remember from whence this little gem came. 

In the end, I covered this frame as if it were a bergere chair. This was done both because I don't have the skill set to pad and upholster the arms of this little boudoir chair and because I liked the way the chair looked deconstructed. I feel the hand printed linen also suits this casual style.

The outer upholstery process was pretty simple. I made patterns out of muslin for the back and seat -to get the measurements and cutouts for the arms right. Then I cut my linen from those patterns and determined how to lay out the block print. I marked a center and reference lines with sewers chalk to help accurately place the linoblock. The linocut process can be seen here and the upholstery innards here.

As I suspected, this chair -because of its diminutive size, gets a lot of use. It is the perfect height to pull up to the coffee table, where we often eat on weekend evenings by the fire. 

For additional comfort, I made an additional pillow top that floats on the seat which I plan to post about separately. I struggled with several renditions before settling on the idea that the pillow should be made from a different fabric -namely vintage ticking. I bought some 1940's ticking on Etsy which is just fabulous. I've made a few things and will lump them all together.

Let me know your thoughts, I'd love to hear from you.

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