Door Numbers for the Commitment Phobic

Finally! I've installed some numbers on my house. I've lived in my home for ten years now without having bona-fide house numbers. Say what? The reason? I just couldn't commit to anything and I was terrified of drilling into either the Douglas Fir door or the plaster facade around the door and garage.

A few years back, in order to have some identification, I sprayed the number on the sidewalk, which looked great but was not particularly visible from a car on the street. I always had to identify the house as "the shingled one with green trim" whenever I was giving directions.

The thing is, these are not permanent. They're made from gaffer tape. Ah, gaffer tape, I love you so. 

This entire exercise took less than an hour. First, I laid out some tape on an aluminium clipboard which worked well as a landing pad where I could take the tape on and off without losing its stick.

Next I pulled up some images that I liked on my computer, tacked the tape on the screen and adjusted the image size to get it as large as possible. Once everything was lined up, I traced the image with pencil.

I particularly like this brand of gaffer tape because it has a really nice texture and tons of great colors. In my opinion, everyone should have at least one roll of gaffer tape in their home supply kit. You can find it on Amazon.

I cut the tape with small sewing scissors -nice and sharp. Half way through the cutting, I cleaned the blades with Goo Gone to remove a build up of gummy adhesive. 

Placing the numbers on the door was simple. I first placed a thin piece of tape horizontally to determine how high they should be. I eyeballed the center 3 and then equally spaced the two 1s. They are very adhered to the glass and look crisp.

I think these numbers are fun. Now that I realize how easy it was to make them, I might just be inclined to switch the design, color and placement of them every so often.

Peace and LOve and any thoughts? Do tell.

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