So Much to Do, So Little Time

Oh man, have I ever been futzing about.
The futzing in literal terms, has been with this couch slip cover. This project (this couch is on the top floor and the white denim cover is ripped and very shrunken) has brought me to my knees -so frigging time consuming and fraught with major errors. Part of my problem is that I'm a perfectionist -I don't want this cover to be flimsy and janky. So this means that if a pleat or seam isn't very nicely placed, I do it over. 

I am quite adept at cushion covers, which in this case I did first, although I will admit that I ended up sewing one cushion back three times to get the sizing right. The body of this monster, however, has been just, argh. The reason? Curved, setback arms. This has required so much pinning and marking and sewing and turning right side out to check, and then back to inside out for more fitting. It's a major pain in the ass to sew a cover for a couch of this shape. Still left to do is the skirt and the zipper. 

Figuratively, I feel I've been spinning my wheels because I've had so many other distractions also going on -root canal, crashed car, back to school, paperwork, you know, life. 

I should not complain, it's not been all drudgery. I finally got my kitchen countertops replaced. Marble, baby. Like an acre of it. I will post about this in the near future -I don't think I've ever really photographed and blogged about the kitchen.

And, I wanted to share this last quick little project because it gave me such pleasure to make. For my older guy's 21st birthday, I tie-dyed him a cashmere sweater. My inspiration came from The Elder Statesman, a brand I adore, but $$$$$$. I first became aware of this cool company from a sweet profile on The Selby. I plan to make a more subtle version of this for myself in the near future and will do a process post when I do. 

Peace and Love. 

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